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Hi Makers, Jho here! I bet you heard or at least know about CAS Cards. What is CAS Cards? This is short for Clean and Simple Cards, where in you can see big clean space on the output card. Still like other cards, it has focal point but minimal, it has sentiments as well and color(s) of course. 

Is there are rules about CAS Cards? In some group, they have rules, but for me there should not be strict rules since this is cardmaking, something that you do because it gives happiness on you as well as others. How can you be so happy if there are limitations? But that's only me, still we need to respect and support each other as to opinion or so. 

Number one that you need to make sure in making CAS Cards, is leaving a big clean space, is it needed to be white? Not necessarily, as long as it's not too busy and the color is very minimal or mono that would be great. Remember, the goal is to make the card simple and clean as much as possible but don't limit yourself to one element just to make it CAS, remember we are making cards, we need to put smiles on the faces of our recipients.

Here's one good example of CAS Card. See the white space its very prominent but always remember if you will leave this kind of big space, make sure your focal is catchy and the sentiments itself, you can adhere a strip of patterned paper for some character.


There's more way to create your CAS Card, use Die Cuts, the dies itself makes the simple card stand out due to the detailed character of the dies itself. You can use stencils as well and some inks for blending, remember don't be afraid using your tools.


Moreover, don't be afraid adding a little bit of bold color, but maintain it as minimal as you can specially if you will use some smooching techniques or splatter.


Another thing we don't usually see in making CAS Card is using pattern paper, remember it's your card, your goal is to share happiness or share empathy, your card your rule. Cardmaking is limitless, add a not so busy patterned paper like this card. Still, I maintain the big clean space. 


Is CAS Cards limited to white cardstocks?  Definitely, NO! Again, let's not set boundaries, use any color you want as long as you will maintain a simple focal, simple sentiments and big clean space. 


Finally, there is only one rule, and it's your own good opinion, don't set limit, create more, don't be afraid of touching colors, as this color touches other lives, don't set boundaries, for your imaginations is beyond anything that you can imagine!


Again, thank you Makers for your time! Hope you learned something from me!

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