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Hi Makers! Jho here from Papel Atbp...

For this week Blog, I will share to you all about Slimline Cards.

So, what is Slimline Cards, for sure you have tried or at least saw some posts or videos sharing Slimeline Cards. If you are into Shape Cards, or you like to try unusual cards other than A2 size cards, this is a worth trying card size. Slimline Cards are tall vertically and slim horizontal.

There is no right size as to Slimline, as long as it will fit in your Size 10 or 9 envelop or you can customize your own envelope. Slimeline cards are commonly sized 3 1/2 x 8 1/2, 3 5/8 x 8 5/8 and 4 x 9. 

I tried making at least three cards to show you some ideas, with Slimline Cards, you don't have to buy too many supplies intended to Slimline Card Size, you can work around. With the coffee cups cards, I just stamped and colored them multiple times and stacked it up to filled out the card.

The next card, I just used metal dies. I used my stashed Slimeline Dies to build my layers and the Congrats text are actually just regular dies but it will perfect to slimline size, just layer it with smaller size dies so it will not be overwhelming.

This last sample, I used Slimline Stamps with coordinating Stencil. I stamped the image and colored it using Distress Inks. The coordinating Stencil make it easy for me to color, just use your blending brush or foam brush to color the Tulips.

I do hope you guys will try making some Slimline Cards, this is so fun and bit challenging!

Until next Blog Makers!

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