About Us


We are a small start-up business aiming BIG!

My name is Jho, an accountant by profession, a working mom, and an entrepreneur. Adding to the list, I am also a crafter and a hobbyist. I love paper crafting! When I was young, I remember collecting cards and keeping them like treasures. My first papercraft was recycled paper that did not turn out good. But the creativity fire has not burned out on me, that I seem to never tire of making new things. As years went on, I had to go to school, eventually work, and manage other adulting activities, that I had to put paper crafting aside.

Until our little one came, and motherhood brought in more demands, I was surprised to have been more creative! My son became my inspiration to work with my paper and scissors again. I want his birthdays to have a piece of me and thought of his daily activities to be the same. He loved crafts too at a very young age. He loves to draw, and he loves to imagine, my young maker! It is a gift that we both enjoy the time spent together while crafting.

Aside from the many hats I wear, my family and I run a small store of goodies. We have an online store where we sell a few craft and art supplies. Amazingly, people buy and react positively to what we are offering. It has then crossed our minds- Why not sell craft and art materials and supplies? Why not offer handmade cards, as well as D.I.Y Party Decors? A piece of me can be a piece of you, a piece of you can be a piece of your Little One!

Let’s craft together!