Gina K Design Tidy Towel

Gina K Design Tidy Towel

Gina K Design

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The Tidy Towel by Gina K. Designs is a lint free towel that can be used to clean your stamps, acrylic blocks and surfaces. Wash the Tidy Towel by running it under warm water. The Tidy Towel can stain, however, once it’s rinsed, it will clean like new. Its slightly textured material will help scrub ink and residue out of the fine detail in your stamps. Safe for both photopolymer and rubber stamps.

 Safe to use with Gina K. Designs stamp cleaner. Spray a small amount of stamp cleaner on the stamp and scrub with the Tidy Towel.


Store the Tidy Towel overnight in a plastic bag to keep it damp. If you will not be using it for a while, allow it to dry out completely.
You can reactivate by soaking it in warm water until it’s fully saturated.

First time use
Soak in warm water until fully saturated. Store damp.
If the Tidy Towel is left out it will completely harden. Just soak it in warm water to reactivate it. Clean with water.

***PLEASE NOTE- The Tidy Towel will last a long time however, you can expect some wear and tear on it as you continue to scrub your stamps. Rubber stamps are harder on the towel than clear stamps and stamps with lots of detail can cause small tears and fractures in the towel. The towel will continue to be usable even with small tears and fractures.